Custom Kennels

Fully Customizable Dog Kennels

Our mission is to provide a beautiful piece of furniture that will double as a comfortable dog kennel for your special pet.

All of our dog kennels shown below have endless design options and are just used as a baseline to help you visualize your order. Inform us of the item number attributes you may want to add into your build (ex: SDK#1 Roof with SDK#4 Color Scheme). We aim to please all of our customers and jump on a call with everyone to ensure we get your order perfect!

View our various kennel collections below to get an idea of how the kennels will look in your home or check out our gallery to view even MORE of our work!

Find Your Dogs Perfect Home

Small Kennel Collection

kennel no: sk1

kennel no: sk2

kennel no: sk3

kennel no: sk4

kennel no: sk5

kennel no: sk6

Find Your Dogs Perfect Home

Medium Kennel Collection

kennel no: mk1

kennel no: mk3

For Sale

kennel no: mk4

kennel no: mk5

kennel no: mk6

Find Your Dogs Perfect Home

Large Kennel Collection

kennel no: lk1

kennel no: lk2

kennel no: lk3

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